We have five oxy & plasma cutting machines that we use to cut plate from 40mm up to 300mm. Precision Oxycut has over 50 years of experience in steel cutting, meaning we’re capable of delivering high quality steel cutting services on time and on budget. Our certified steel products and industry leading machinery means that the end-product delivered to our customers meets the stringent standards required for industrial applications.

Our Oxy Cutting Machines

Our machines have oxygen fuel cutting systems capable of cutting to impressive depths. Our facilities include the latest Kinetic USA K5200 machine, installed in 2019, is a best-in-class oxy cutting machine that can cut to depths of 300mm. We have a range of other machines for different size jobs, meaning we can cater for projects both large and small. Our four Kinetic machines are capable of oxy cutting as well as:

  • Advanced Plasma & Oxy Fuel Cutting
  • Enhanced Bevel & Multi Torch Cutting
  • Advanced Drilling, Milling & More
  • Configured for Automated Part Removal (K5200 only)

Our investment in industry leading machinery means that we have the capacity to cut, drill, mill and more  – all in one program. Not only does this mean that we can deliver impressive lead times for our customers, but we also provide cost-effective services to our customers by minimising unnecessary waste and production time. Our oxy cutting machines exceed the capabilities that many competitors can offer, all at a competitive price. Talk to one of our expert team members today about how we can deliver oxy cutting services for your project.

Oxy Cutting Lead Times

We’re able to deliver a real 3-Day lead time for most projects. The timeframe for oxy cuting will depend on the amount of plate required to be cut – however our oxy cutting machines have high traverse-speeds whilst remaining accurate (see technical information for tolerances). This means we’re capable of delivering on high volume oxy cutting projects.

We also offer national delivery services, meaning we can cover your steel plate requirements from the purchasing of the steel plate itself, through to the processing of the steel plate and delivery. For more information on our delivery services please visit our delivery page.

Oxy Cutting Locations

Precision Oxycut has oxycutting services in Sydney (Smithfield) and Newcastle. We can also deliver nationally as required, providing steel plate processing services Australia wide.

More Information About Oxy Cutting

Contact our expert team today to talk about your oxycutting needs.