Our wide range of industry leading machines are capable of a range of different steel plate processing techniques. This means that we can handle a range of requests for different projects. By completing cutting, drilling, bevelling and more in one sequence, we’re capable of completing intricate jobs in short timeframes.

Some of the abilities we have include:

Precision Oxycut has five drilling machines including three Kinetic machines (K4000, K5000 and K5200) and a PCS HD drilling machine. For full specifications of the machines capabilities:

We have machines fixed with drill size from 6.8mm to 50mm, that will drill plate thicknesses from 6mm to 50mm (55mm to 100mm by enquiry only). Tapping is available M8 – M20 in up to 32mm thick plate. For a full table of drilling and tapping sizes visit our capabilities section:

Our Kinetic machines are capable of counterboring and countersinking. For full specifications of the machines capabilities:

Up to 45 degrees.

We will work with your team to organise bending, pressing, drilling / tapping (outside our own capability).

Included as a part of the price so that you can use Precision Oxycut as a ‘one-stop-shop’, instead of managing the movement of parts between operations yourself. Please contact us for more information.